Pack These 14 Items For Your Next Trip

After being location independent for a few years now I’ve realized that there are some items I always pack and never travel without, whether it’s locally in the UK, or on my international (mainly European) trips.

Here’s a short list of 14 somewhat random items, that I personally find absolutely necessary on any trip.

  1. Mobile Broadband.

pack these travel items

I’ve used this little ‘wifi magic box’ by EE for a few years now all around the UK as well as in Europe and am pleased to report that it’s a perfect item for those who need to do some serious work while traveling.


I’ve never had any trouble with the connection, especially in Europe, the device works like a dream.

The great thing is there are no roaming charges in the EU countries now, which means I don’t have to pay extra for using my device when in the EU.

So this little box which weighs next to nothing and is smaller than my smartphone always travels with me wherever I go, it even fits in my small handbag.

I see other wifi Hotspots for sale like this one which seems to work worldwide, but I’ve never used them myself, so cannot really comment.

2. Power Bank (Portable battery).

pack these travel items

We’ve all had those tragic moments when the phone or computer dies on us at the worst possible moment…

…we can’t call anyone, we can’t look up any information, and of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, we can’t find a charging point…

So enter a portable battery.

It charges your device really quickly and prolongs the battery life by a few extra hours.

Of course, you mustn’t forget to charge the battery first… otherwise, you’re back to square one…

3. Adapter

Do you know what type of power plug people use in your chosen destination?travel items
We often forget that different countries may have different plugs, which means you’ll need an adapter if you want to use the leads you’ve brought with you.

Ideally, it would be great to have a ‘Worldwide’ adapter like this one. 

But if you often travel to the locations on the same continent, most likely, you’ll need only one type of adaptor. Here’s one with the UK to Europe conversion.

4. Packing cubes for clothes and other items.

travel items packing cubes

These are such a brilliant idea! They make your suitcase look really tidy and organized.

So forget about your stuff falling out of your bag every time you open it to get something out.

You’ll know exactly which cube contains what and you’ll feel like you are the organization genius!

There are lots of options for packing cubes, I find the ones with multiple sizes and transparent tops the best.

Here are a couple of examples:

Gentlemen will like this.

Here’s a lovely pink set for ladies.

The smaller packing cubes can be used for such annoying but necessary items as leads, chargers, adapters which (at least in my case) seem to get lost in the corners of my bags all too often.

5. A hidden money belt.

travel items hidden wallet

Unfortunately, all travel plans can be easily undone if you lose your money or documents, or worse, if they get stolen.

I find that wearing a hidden money belt can save you a lot of trouble especially if you are planning to travel on crowded trains and buses or visit some really touristy areas.

It’s a good idea to keep a daily amount of money somewhere handy,  such as your wallet or purse, but keep the rest plus your documents closer to you.

A hidden money belt like this will do the job. You’ll use it for years!

6. A scarf with a hidden pocket.

pack these travel items

I have to admit I don’t own one but I’ve been eyeing an infinity scarf with a hidden pocket for the past couple of months now and keep thinking it’s a really good idea for those moments when I don’t want to carry a handbag and yet want to keep my most important belongings with myself.

Here’s one I found.



But an even more interesting discovery I’ve just made is a Scarf Camera Strap With Hidden pocket (that’ a mouthful!). Check it out here below:



7. A shampoo bar.

travel items shampoo bar

If your hair can take any kind of treatment and still look great, then skip to the next point.

But if you are like me and your hair needs a bit of extra love than a hotel shampoo can provide, then find shampoo bar for your next trip. Here’s one for example:

A shampoo bar is so much easier to travel with than a liquid shampoo – you save space in your liquids bag and avoid a risk of spillage.

It’s a winner for me!

8. A Reusable and foldable water bottle.

travel items water bottle

For me, this is one of the most important items in my suitcase as keeping hydrated is the best way to stay healthy even on the most naughty trips…

A foldable water bottle is really handy since when you’re finished with your water you simply fold it and pop it into your handbag.

Easy and environmentally friendly!

9. A foldable carrier bag/tote.

I find a foldable shopping bag is so much more convenient than a backpack.

travel items foldable shopping bag
When it’s empty, you simply fold it and carry it in a small purse and when you buy something, you unroll it and just pop the bag on your shoulder.

You can use it instead of the usual backpack and carry your lunch box, your water bottle or camera inside.

These type of bags are usually very strong and come in various attractive colours and patterns, so you can easily choose something that will look good with your chosen outfit.

Check it out HERE.

10. Apps: GPS my city.

travel items gps my city app


I find that GPS My City App is great for those times when I want to explore a place but haven’t looked up any information about it in advance.

I just do a quick search and inevitably stumble upon some fascinating corner of the city I am visiting.

The good thing about this app is that the articles on the app can be downloaded free of charge and used as guides without any wifi connection. Here are more details about how the app works.

11. Plasters.

For those unfortunate days when you get a blister from your new (or even old) shoes.

travel items

The best ones I find are those gel-type long lasting plasters. They truly protect the tender area and stick to your skin really well. Plus they are very soft, and form a perfect barrier between your rogue shoe and your tender skin.

I must say they are on the pricey side, but each lasts a few days which really makes it worth it.


12. Plastic or wooden cutlery.


They are really useful for those moments when you want to grab a light lunch in a local shop and head to the nearest park or a beach.

I find that a small plastic spoon or fork in my handbag is really useful on these occasions.

With all the bad publicity about the damage plastic does to our environment, I am switching to bamboo utensils. Here’s a very convenient and stylish looking bamboo utensil travel set.  

13. Ear plugs.


Sometimes even the best hotels don’t have good sound insulation, especially if they are located in the city.

I remember on my most recent trip, I could hear everything the next door neighbor was doing (and it was supposedly a 4-star hotel with great reviews…).

So my ear plugs really saved the day (but especially the night…), I used something similar to these.

14. A pen and a small notebook.


In this digital age writing with a pen on a piece of paper feels really liberating.

And not only that, many times it can be quicker to scribble some important information on a piece of paper than rely on your phone to have enough battery life at that moment when you want to find the information online.

So a pen and a small notebook always travel with me and get used more often than you would expect.  

These are the items that are always in my suitcase, whether it’s an international trip or a caravaning one around the UK.

Let me know if there are some other really useful items you never leave without when traveling.

Pack for your trip wisely, enjoy your life!

Note. Some of the links above are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission fee if you purchase an item through one of these links. 

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