10 Cool Amazon Products for Your Outdoor Vacations

So the vacation season is here and I’ve been shopping on Amazon for a few things for an outdoor weekend.

One thing led to the other and I was sucked in by the black hole that is ‘online shopping world’ only to emerge a couple of hours later with a few purchases (not sure they were all absolutely necessary) and some cool items on my wish list.

Here are 10 products I found on Amazon that can make a really cool gift or give you ideas for an outdoor trip.

DISCLAIMER: If you happen to click through and purchase some of these products, I might receive a tiny commission fee, which will be used to help cover the costs of running this blog. There’s NO additional cost to you.

  1. The coolest thing to buy for an outdoorsy type person – a foldable, easily transportable kayak.

    Brilliant! I have done a few kayak trips myself, but always associated it with a bit of a hassle – renting the kayak, transporting it to the river or lake side…

Found on Amazon Portable Kayak

Now you can forget all about it, and almost carry this one in your handbag (ok, I am exaggerating a bit here…) Here’s what people say about it:

Wow!!!! The best $60 I have EVER spent. I received a ton of compliments as well while out on the lake. Reasons why I love this kayak:
1) I’m a woman- I’m strong but I can’t carry a hard plastic kayak. This kayak is ultra light!!
2) Its super fast to inflate and deflate
3) It fits in the back of my Lexus NX 200t
4) My dog can kayak with me, he naps and watches the birds go by. I’m never worried that his nails may puncture the kayak.
5) Its safe and sturdy
6) It’s FUN!!!!!!

Get full details HERE


2.      Light portable hammock – what a great idea!

Sometimes you just want to stretch your legs in a beautiful location, but the ground beneath  might be too uneven, rough or wet, or whatever.

Found on amazon Hammock

So why not bring your own hammock – light, portable, strong and it comes in a variety of colors! So grab and go to discover some amazing places to hang your hammock in…

Get full details HERE

Here’s what one person said:

This is the best hammock we’ve ever had! I purchased it back in April and I spent more time in the hammock than I did on any outdoor seating last summer.

3.  Natural mosquito repellent bracelet.

Found on amazon - Natural mosqiuito repelent

Finally! A sexy and healthy way to protect ourselves from those nasty little insects!

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4.  Mini water filtration system

On amazon - Water filtration system

This looks like a perfect must-have item for anyone who is planning to do some serious hiking in the great outdoors or taking a backpacking trip to far-flung destinations, where water sources might be of a questionable nature.

Get full details HERE


5. Bocce Ball Game set with carrying case.

If you are traveling with children this vacation season and need something to keep them entertained, have a look at this Bocce Ball Set, it seems like a brilliant game for all the family.

Buy on amazon Bocce Ball set with carrier bag

Whether it’s just a short walk to the park, or a full two-week vacation in the middle of nowhere, take this Bocce Ball Game and have fun!

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Here’s what customers say:

We are always looking for games to play on the beach during the summer. This is perfect for all ages. It is definitely a go to for our summers on the beach.


7. Waterproof Roll Top Sack.

Now this is something you cannot exactly class as COOL, but you can certainly call it very useful: a bag to keep your bag dry… on all your kayak, camping, glamping, fishing trips.

Buy on amazon - a bag to keep your bag

Here’s what people say (apparently this customer even washed her jeans in it… each to his own…)

It is sure protection from a rain shower! It’s very tough and reliable. It’s light weight. It has a “window” so you can see what’s going on. It has a shoulder strap.

Here’s the best part: What keeps water out also keeps it in! You can fill it half way with warm water and add a Washeze laundry sheet and wash your Jeans! Twenty minutes later you have clean Jeans drying for the next week of travel-play!

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8.  Swim Goggles

A perfect little item for families traveling with children (and kids at heart). I’ve forgotten how fun it is to actually see underwater when swimming – will keep the whole family entertained for a good while!

buy on amazon - swim goggles

Get full details HERE

9.  Vacuum insulated, powder coated (whatever that means) water bottle.

Keep hydrated on your outdoor holidays with this really stylish looking flask with no ugly plastic bottles in sight!

Cool products for great outdoors

The great thing about this travel mug is that it comes in some really cool bright colors, and different sizes.

Plus each flask comes with two lids for your convenience.

A simple and sleek design is really elegant.

Get full details HERE


10. Camping cookware kit.

I’ve been eyeing this little camping cookware kit for a while now and since the weather seems to be getting warmer, and I am making plans to do some serious camping, this kit is going to be mine very soon.

Camping cookware kit

Get full details HERE


P.S. A random (and a bit weird) thing.

Silicon wedding rings…

What do you think?

I’m just wondering whether people buy these as actual wedding rings now…

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Cool Products for outdoor vacations

Cool products for outdoor vacations