A Must-See Exhibition for Every Fashionista Visiting Vilnius

For the past three or four years, every time I go back home for Christmas I find myself running to see yet another exhibition by the acclaimed fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev in the Museum of Applied Art in Vilnius. It has become an absolute must-visit item on my cultural agenda.

1412_Vilnius_selection-04247 (Copy)
This year the exhibition is called ‘Rebellion in a Boudoirs’ and looks at the fashion of the 70s – hippies, platforms, psychedelic colours and all other necessary paraphernalia.

1412_Vilnius_selection-04256 (Copy)

1412_Vilnius_selection-04252 (Copy)

I’d wear these accessories on any day – such a beautiful rich green colour deserves to be paraded around!


1412_Vilnius_selection-04272 (Copy)

These look even a bit dangerous….


A half an hour walk around the display will give you an understanding of and good insight into the wardrobes (and often lives) of those, who belonged to this colourful era. And the fun part is, some of us can remember our mums or even grannies wearing something very similar! We might even find an item or two from that era in the back of their wardrobes….

The same ticket will bring you to the ‘Three Centuries of Fashion’, a display with some elements of Vassiliev’s previous exhibitions, covering fashion trends from 18th to the second half of 20th centuries.

1412_Vilnius_selection-04231 (Copy)

1212_Vassiliev_expo_selection-033 (Copy)

A walk through this exhibition feels like a lesson in European history, seen through the lens of people’s changing taste in clothes – a really fun history lesson, if you ask me.

1212_Vassiliev_expo_selection-5 (Copy)
Alexandre Vassiliev seems to join Louis XIV of France in calling fashion ‘a mirror of history’.

1312_Vassiliev_expo_selection-1 (Copy)

Even if you are not at all interested in history, this exhibition can serve as an inspiration for colour combinations, fabric layering and accessorising  – important piece of knowledge for every fashionista!

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