Postcard: Free Mineral Water in Birštonas

This little strange-looking shed in a Lithuanian resort town of Birstonas, isn’t really a shed.

mineral water Birstonas

It’s called ‘biuvete’ from French word ‘buvez’.

Basically, it’s a little place where you can drink one type of mineral water coming straight from the ground.

It’s free to drink the mineral water, all you have to do is remember to bring your own drinkware.

Why this postcard from Birštonas?

It’s because Birstonas is one of Lithuania’s most famous resorts.

People come to Birštonas from all over the country as well as Europe to enjoy its healing mineral springs and relaxing atmosphere.

Did you know that you are not supposed to drink too much mineral water?

Apparently, when sending their patients to Birstonas doctors advise them, which mineral spring to drink from and how much.

Visit Birstonas, enjoy your life!

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mineral water