What To Do In Tenerife?

Apart from the obvious sun-sea-beach activity combination, there are plenty of other activities in Tenerife for those, who prefer holidaying away from the seaside crowds. So what to do in Tenerife, if you don’t like beach holidays?

If you love street art.

Of all the places we visited on the island, Puerto de la Cruz seems to have the most authentic charm about it.

Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz

It’s got lots of cool street art, some quaint churches, a really interesting botanical garden coupled with a beautiful atmosphere, as well as a nice mix of visitors and locals.

Tenerife street art Puerto de la Cruz

It certainly is a very touristy place, but it doesn’t seem to have lost its authenticity like so many places do when they become a major tourist destination.

Tenerife crochet art Puerto de la Cruz

Someone must have spent long hours crocheting a wall-blanket for this house in Puerto de la Cruz!


Tenerife Holy paintings


When wandering around in a new place, I love turing to less frequented streets for those not-so-picture-perfect shots.

Here’s one from Puerto de la Cruz:

Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz

If you are a keen gardener.

If you are a bit of a gardener or simply enjoy nature, it’s worth paying a visit to the Botanical Garden of Puerto de la Cruz (Jardín de Aclimatación de la Orotava).

Tenerife Botanical Gardens Puerto de la Cruz

It was originally created in 18th century as an ‘acclimatization’ garden for tropical plants which were then introduced in mainland Spain, mainly in the royal court so as the king could enjoy the plants coming from his overseas territories.

Tenerife Botanical gardens Puerto de la Cruz

It is quite easy to spend half a day in the botanical gardens just wondering around and admiring the fascinating colours, shapes and smells of flowers, trees and other plants.

Tenerife Botanical gardens Puerto de la Cruz

If you love history.

A short drive from Puerto de la Cruz, there’s a small town with a fascinating history, Garachico.

Tenerife Garachico

Garachico is a formerly extremely prosperous trading port of Tenerife.

Unfortunately, in 1709 it was hit by the disastrous eruption of Teide volcano, after which the town never recovered its former wealth and glory as well as its status of the premier trading port.

Tenerife Garachico main square

Today Garachico is a popular tourist attraction by day and a sleepy town by night.

It has a beautiful old town, with the main square being the centre of attention, as well as some fascinating colonial buildings, old convents and gardens.

Tenerife Garachico details

The seafront is also spectacular, where many tourists arrive to see and swim in the seafront pools formed by the volcanic lava.

Tenerife Garachico seafront

If you love mountains and walks.

The centre of Tenerife island has a national park with Teide Peak towering over all the island.

Tenerife Teide


You can drive up to the volcano and take one of the numerous mountain walks to get even closer to the top.

Tenerife lava mountains


Apart from the Teide there are also many other walks on the island, where you can enjoy the rugged terrain and admire the mountain and the sea views.

You can get all the necessary information about walking trails and tours at your hotel.

Tenerife - the sea and the mountains

Make sure to bring suitable footwear and check out the weather forecast – as I mentioned in my previous post, just because it’s sunny on the south side beach,  it doesn’t mean the mountains will be as welcoming!

Did you know that there has been a bit of seismic activity under Tenerife volcano Mount Teide as recently as October 2017?

Apparently, the media were predicting an imminent eruption at one point…

…that wouldn’t have helped the tourism industry much… 

What to buy in Tenerife?

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Travel Tenerife, enjoy your life!

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