Tenerife has a different tax status from the mainland Spain and many goods and many a souvenir seems to be (or are supposed to be) cheaper. Therefore the island attracts numerous shoppers from all over Europe.

You’ll see numerous high-end brand shops where you can potentially get some bargains. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but having compared some perfume prices online and in Tenerife shops, I cannot say that the difference was really interesting.

I suppose if you were planning to do some serious shopping, the difference might add up, especially if you happen to time your visit with annual sales.

Authentic souvenir #1

If you are looking for something more authentic though, you can visit some of the artisan stalls or shops in Garachico or Puerto de la Cruz, where you can get some locally made souvenirs.

One souvenir you should not leave without is something made out of lava. After all, Tenerife is a volcanic island.

Lava beads

It can easily be a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet which look really beautiful when coupled with some pearls. This pearl-lava bead combination is a truly authentic Tenerife souvenir.

Tenerife Lava And Pearl Beads

Lava bead necklaces and bracelets look fantastic with natural fabrics such as linen, cotton or wool.

You will look not only stylish but will also remember your beautiful trip every time you wear the beads! They also make a great gift.

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Authentic souvenir #2

Tenerife seems to have a very long pearl souvenir selling tradition.

You’ll see pearl shops being advertized everywhere and pearl jewellery sold for every pocket – from luxurious one-off creations to the usual pearl strings.

Tenerife jewelry


As far as I understand, Tenerife doesn’t grow its own pearls but is actually a very important centre for selling this gem.

Authentic souvenir #3

If you love indoor plants, another great souvenir you could get, is one the tropical plant seedlings sold in touristy places such as city centre of Puerto de la Cruz.

I bought a banana plant on our first visit and it’s been happily growing in my sitting room ever since.

Tenerife Banana plant


Why is it authentic? It’s because you’ll see banana plantations all over the island.

Sometimes it seems all they grow in Tenerife, is bananas 😉 !

So when you are next in Tenerife, buy an authentic souvenir and enjoy your life!

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