What Souvenirs to Buy in Lithuania?

So you’ve planned that trip to Lithuania, a small country near the Baltic sea, tickets booked, cases packed. But have you thought about what Lithuanian souvenirs you are going to buy for those who stayed at home?

What could be light to transport and still a superb reminder of a Lithuanian trip?

Here are 5 suggestions from the natives – these are the type of gifts we give to foreign visitors to represent our country.

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  1. Amber Jewelry Souvenirs

If you’ve been to Lithuania (or any other country by the Baltic Sea) and did not buy amber in any shape or form, then you’ve no real proof you’ve visited the country…

…I’m sorry to say… 😉

Amber jewelry souvenirs in Lithuania

Amber has been part of Lithuanian and Baltic history for thousands of years with the tradition of using it as decorative element in jewelry as well as stone for healthy and clean living continuing today.

Amber is a very light stone so whether you buy a piece of amber on its own or amber jewelry, you can be sure you will not add much weight to your luggage.

Amber is really a very easy souvenir to buy in Lithuania – every souvenir shop offers a huge variety of amber jewelry design, stone color and  quality. There’s something for every pocket and taste.

Amber souvenirs in Vilnius Lithuania

If you want to splash out, go right to any Vilnius city centre shop where you are sure to find some stunning statement pieces.

But if you are on a budget, try and go to small vendors on the street,  or better yet, go to Kaunas (the 2nd largest city) or Trakai, which are both not far away from Vilnius and where the prices are more reasonable.

But if you’ve already been to the country and have not bought amber souvenirs, don’t worry, you can find some really good pieces online.

You can find lot so of Amber jewelry on such websites as amazon. com. Here’s one, for example:


Of course, if you want to find higher grade amber souvenirs, you absolutely have to go closer to the source.

But the online stores can be the next best thing if you are not planning a long-haul trip any time soon.

Did you know that amber has some soothing properties and is one of those stones that’s considered healthy to wear?

2. Traditional Lithuanian knitwear and wool felt accessories

Whether it’s woolen mittens, socks, sweaters, caps and other goodness to keep you warm and cozy in winter months, you’ll easily find these on the usual tourist trails.

knitted souvenirs

Like many countries, woolen knitwear in Lithuania is a very popular gift and loved by locals in winter months, plus it comes in numerous colorful designs and patterns.

wool felt souvenirs

In recent years handmade wool felt products, such as scarves, mittens,  hats, handbags and toys, have become hugely popular in Lithuania, so if you are looking for a warm yet unique gift, you’ll definitely find some original and very artistic designs to choose from.

wool felt souvenirs slippers

A friend of mine gave me similar wool felt slippers as a gift and they quickly became my favorite winterwear at home.

Of course, felting craze has gripped the whole world, it seems, so you can also quite easily find some stunning felt scarf pieces on Etsy HERE  .

3. Linen clothing, towels and household fabrics.

When visiting Lithuania you’ll come across many shops selling linen clothes, towels, and other household goods.

Lithuanian linen souvenirs

This is because traditionally linen was a relatively cheap and accessable material in the region over many centuries and therefore used for many purposes.

Today designers love this fabric and offer clothes in contemporary style, which you can find in central souvenir shops as well as clothing stores.

Did you know that linen is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria? Plus it’s hard-wearing and can last a really long time.


Lithuanian Home Essentials 

4. Carved wood souvenirs.

Woodcarving is a very important and old tradition in Lithuania.

Souvenirs from wood

When visiting the country, you’ll see lots of carved wood decorum elements inside and outside the buildings, as well as wooden crosses and statues in the countryside.

So if you are looking for a souvenir that’ll remind you of the country, its people and traditions, a carved wood souvenir such as medallions, statuettes or a piece of wooden jewelry will definitely remind you of the places you’ve visited.

Wood souvenirs Lithuania

If you are a person of a more practical nature though, and bringing home even more dust collectors is not something you fancy doing, buy some beautifully carved and very useful kitchen utensils such as spoons and spatulas.

wooden kitchenwear souvenirs

We’ve looked to see if you can buy anything similar on sites such as Amazon, and while it is not that easy to find a Lithuanian design, this wooden bowl is similar to some I’ve seen sold in Vilnius Old Town.

I personally love having some wooden bowls around my house for fruit or simply decoration, it gives that authentic, and cozy feel to the place.

5. Clay jugs and decorative clay souvenirs

You cannot go more traditional than clay crockery.

clay souvenirs

Whether it’s a water jug similar to this, or a tea cup, Lithuania has a huge variety of exceptionally designed tableware and kitchenware.

Plus such souvenirs as clay bells, medallions, figurines and whistles for children are also very popular and easy to find in central tourist spots.

Clay souvenirs in Lithuania

These clay figurines have that very peculiar Lithuanian touch.

If you are looking for some contemporary dinner or tea sets, you could look into a brand called Jiesia.

This well-known Lithuanian brand has been around since 1938 selling their produce in many local kitchenware and homeware shops. Their official website is HERE, although I am not sure if they have an online shopping option.

On a final note.

If your idea of souvenirs is something you can eat, here’s a blog post I wrote a couple of months ago about traditional food you can find in any supermarket.

So now you know exactly what souvenirs to buy when you are next in Lithuania.


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Souvenirs to buy in LithuaniaSouvenirs to buy in LithuaniaSouvenirs to buy in Lithuania


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