Like a Walk in a Park  – Vilnius

A recent comment somewhere on the web about Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, said ‘walking in Vilnius feels like walking in one huge park’.

Vilnius - a green city

This got me thinking that a walk in a park right in the city centre, or a view from your office window with lots of trees is so common in Vilnius that most locals are unlikely to give it a second thought.

If you are in Vilnius, you will see lots of people of all ages enjoying a stroll in green areas, which can be found all over the city, including the old town. Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, locals strolling in a park

HINT: If you want to feel a bit less of a tourist, just join the strolling crowd – it’s an easy and free way to feel a bit more like you belong here.


The benefits of all the trees in the city have not been overlooked by researchers either, according to the  Green Cities Index 2013 report, Vilnius turns out to be one of the greenest European cities with the cleanest air.

So there you go, visit Vilnius and breathe clean!

Here are a few glimpses of the green experience that awaits you in this relaxing city:

Vilnius Lithuania - streets lined with trees

Lots of streets are lined with trees – wherever you go, you are bound to bump into a tree.

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, bank recreation area

A bank has created this public area where people can relax have their lunch or join the young ones, who love skateboarding and rollerblading here.

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, National Art Gallery

The National Gallery of Art hides behind a curtain of vegetation.

Vilnius Lithuania - shrouded in trees

Even a short glance at the view from Gediminas Castle reveals a city, shrouded in the soft and ever changing colours of nature.

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, business.

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, forest in the horizon

Whichever way you look, the horizon always has a forest line.

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, 3 crosses hill

You will be forgiven for thinking that this forest is somewhere outside the city, maybe at aleast a 20 mile drive away BUT in fact, it’s right in the city centre – the old part….

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, river bank in November

On warm and lazy summer days a lot of people come to relax on the river bank, but on a cold November Sunday morning, you can have it all to yourself!

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, school hiding behind trees

Across this road in one of Vilnius sleeping districts – if you know this place, you know there is a school here, except you almost can’t see it for the trees…

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, tree in the old town

You can’t take a picture in Vilnius without some curious tree peeping into your shot…


Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, trees.

Vilnius Lithuania - green spaces, Kazimieras church

Have a green experience in Vilnius, enjoy your life!

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Green Vilnius