Exotic Fragrances in the Heart of Vilnius

Vilnius old town smells of niche perfumes.

exotic perfumes in vilnius

Tucked away in one of the numerous old town courtyards, there’s a small and inviting Aromatų sodas boutique , with its welcoming owner ready to tell you everything you want to know about the exotic fragrance combinations coming out of luxurious perfume bottles.

exotic perfumes boutique in vilnius

Here the smells and the whole atmosphere seems to suggest mystery, intrigue and almost danger, leaving the brightly-lit main stream perfume shops and their scents feel like a collection of cheaply glittering trinkets.

niche perfumes in vilnius

Apparently these niche perfumes are made in small quantities and have some unusual fragrance combinations.

Each time we were sampling a perfume, my friend seemed to recognise the smells the owner was talking about, but I, on the other hand, smelled something completely different from what I was supposed to… there you go, it’s yet another proof (to me) that choice of perfume and the impression it leaves is a completely personal matter.

niche perfumes in vilnius

Some of those perfumes,  frankly, I would not like to smell again though, despite their posh labels and opulence suggesting price tags….

exotic perfumes shop vilnius

It’s a beautiful little boutique to visit. Even if you have no intensions of spending a substantial amount on a 50ml bottle of perfume, you can simply explore new horizons in the world of fragrance and refine your sense of smell for future scented adventures.


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