7 Fun Things in Oxford

Oxford is all a visitor can expect – lots of historic monuments, imposing buildings and an atmosphere of learning. But a day’s walk in town reveals a lighter side of this grand place. Here’s a short list of 7 things I smiled about:

1. Pylones – a great little shop to get your Christmas stocking fillers and lots of quirky, colourful (and useful!) items that will make you smile.1410_Oxford_selection-111609 (Copy)

1410_Oxford_selection-111520 (Copy)
2. I find it really fascinating that in England buildings dating back to the Middle Ages are still standing and not only that, but are still used as places of business. 1410_Oxford_selection-125239 (Copy)

Although this one is somewhat precariously leaning forward, I wonder when it’s finally going to take a bow….
3. Chinese dumplings in Oxford city centre were yummy and unexpected. The only country that was not represented in this market, was England…..1410_Oxford_selection-123355 (Copy)
4. Boat trips looked like a great idea, but for some other time, maybe a warm summer’s day – too damp and cold in autumn or winter.

1410_Oxford_selection-03878 (Copy)
5. In the early Middle Ages, there had to be appropriate measures in place to deal with too much fun in this college town crawling with young people – it seems Oxford castle served as a prison for misbehaving students in the 13th century.

1410_Oxford_selection-111334 (Copy)

6. People here seem to be really sporty – the town is full of bicycles and some of them could even be called statement pieces.

1410_Oxford_selection-133337 (Copy)
7. Everyone (well, not really…) wore these studious looking glasses. I was so tempted to get a pair to help me fit in, even if it’s just for a day…..

1410_Oxford_selection-03876 (Copy)

Seven smiles – a day well spent!