A Perfect Croatian Dish

If you ask a Croatian what the most typical dish in this country is, everyone (at least on the seaside) will tell you…

…a grilled sea bream (or a seabass), usually served, very simply, with some cooked vegetables, and tasting absolutely delicious after a long day out at sea.

Croatian dish - Grilled sea bass

This dish seems to be served in every restaurant along the coast and when asked, Croatians seem to always mention it as THE dish to taste in these parts.

There seems to be a lot of Italian influence in Croatia, which is not surprising given historical twists and turns as well as the proximity of the two countries.

This influence is immediately obvious in food…

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First thing every traveller notices is that pizza as well as gelato seem to be ubiquitous and happily consumed by hordes of visitors and locals.

Croatian dish - Pizza in Split Croatia

Tuna and beef steaks seem to be another popular dish and, interestingly, can be served with gnocchi on the side.

Tuna steak_ Croatian dish

Pastry fans will not be disappointed either, sweet and savoury pastries are everywhere and have a special Croatian feel to it, especially the savoury ones with ricotta and spinach filling.

Since Croatia is one of the Balkan countries, you can also find some restaurants serving ethnic cuisine of neighbouring countries.

Croatian dish_Bosnian_cuisine

This veal stew was delicious.


We visited a Bosnian ethnic restaurant in Dubrovnik and did not leave disappointed.



Overall, the simplicity of dishes in an average restaurant in Croatia is deceptive – if well made, they are really delicious.

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