Had to Pay Exorbitant Fee for Overweight Luggage Again?

‘Excess weight’ is not a phrase you want to hear at the check-in counter when your suitcase is weighed.

According to a recent survey, over 30% of travellers said their ‘patience would be seriously stretched’ if they had to pay high overweight luggage levies just because they needed an extra pair of shoes, another piece of clothing or bought a souvenir they really liked.

Airport rage is quite common nowadays and often revolves around the luggage check-in procedures and weight allowance which is enforced really strictly by economy airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet.

And squabbling over the bag weight and heavy levies is not the best way to start a holiday or further your relationship with traveling buddies.

We are delighted to introduce our first physical product, a digital travel scale, helping solve this ever-present luggage weight problem.

Avoid those excess weight charges with this digital luggage scale.

Avoid those excess weight charges with this digital luggage scale.


A few tips for packing light:

  • On the day of the trip wear the bulkier and heavier clothes.
  • If you like dressing up, pack more light blouses and T-Shirts and just a few lower garments, which are usually heavier.
  • A simple colourful scarf can make the same outfit look different, so pack a few and wear on different days for those picture-worthy moments.
  • Count how many days you are going to be on vacation and ask yourself whether you’ve packed a few pieces of clothing too many. You might be surprised what you can do without!
  • Some toiletries such as toothpaste can be easily purchased at your destination point, so do you really need to pack them?
  • Ask yourself if you have left some spare room for one or two (or even more!) souvenirs you might want to bring back from the exciting destinations you are visiting.