Irish Crochet Project: What’s In A Crocheter’s Travel Bag?

I’m in the middle of my Irish Crochet project and I am travelling.

This means that my Crochet project is travelling with me.

Since I normally don’t trust the airlines 100%, all valuables go with me in my hand luggage.

And guess what?

My unfinished crochet dress is one of the most important valuables at this stage…

…so here’s how my hand luggage looks like… my unfinished crochet dress is taking up half of my suitcase!

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010044 (Copy).jpg

I thought I just couldn’t bear the pain if the airlines misplaced my main luggage with the dress in it, after all, I’ve been working on it for the past two years…

And speaking of the dress itself, you may remember that I am making this dress in Irish Crochet technique, which means that I have to crochet each decor element separately and then assemble them together by crocheting lace in between the elements.

I’m now at the stage where I’ve finished all the separate elements and will start assembling the whole thing after I reach my destination.

So here are the elements I had to crochet for this dress:

14 rosebuds on stems.

When I started crocheting the dress, the first element I attempted were these rosebuds, which turned out to be a mistake…

…I simply wasn’t skilled enough at that stage.

People told me my rose buds reminded them of snails…

So I stopped and came back to them after crocheting a number of other background elements.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010005 (Copy).jpg

70 background roses.

I will use these background roses to fill in spaces between the main picture elements, so they won’t be immediately noticeable.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010019 (Copy).jpg

16 medium sized roses.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010013 (Copy).jpg

6 open roses.

I think these are the least successfully fulfilled elements.

Somehow the master’s roses in the instructions I bought are so much more precise.

But I didn’t go re-crocheting them since when I laid them out with other elements the overall picture looked fine.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010011 (Copy).jpg

1 main rose.

I showed you the process of making this rose HERE

1806_MainRose_IirshCrochet-1010497 (Copy).jpg

45 green leaves of various sizes and colour variations.

Again, these elements did not come out as perfectly as I would have wanted, but then I thought that not every leaf in nature is perfectly symmetrical and identical, so again, I didn’t obsess over the imperfections too much…

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010010 (Copy).jpg

30 brighter leaves.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010024 (Copy).jpg

100 background leaves.

Similarly to background roses, I will use these leaves as space ‘fillers’.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010022 (Copy).jpg

30 little ‘buttons’.

These are one of the basic elements of Irish crochet technique.

As I was crocheting them, I thought I could easily use the buttons to liven up a piece of clothing or even summer shoes.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010042 (Copy).jpg

8 little flowers.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010035 (Copy).jpg

27 scrolls.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010030 (Copy).jpg

15 little ‘bushes’.

Again these will serve as a different type of space fillers.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010034 (Copy).jpg

40 cords.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010007 (Copy).jpg

29 stems and branches of various lengths.

1807_EdenDress_Elements-1010037 (Copy).jpg

So here I am at the final (and most likely most complicated) step of my project – assembling the dress and making sure it looks right. 😀

It feels a bit daunting, but I keep reminding myself that every single element I made seemed daunting at first…

Start a crochet project, enjoy your life!

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